We work on two main lines. We produce and bottle organic wines, and we are specialists in the production of low-alcohol and non-alcoholic wines.

To make sure you get exactly the wine you need, you can work with us to create your own wine. Producto de Aldea is in a privileged position within the market to offer this personalized service with a total guarantee of success.

Team of experts

Our objectives

Producto de Aldea works to produce globally competitive products. We are a leading company in the production of non-alcoholic wine, and committed to quality, which is why we are constantly refining our production.

Producto de aldea

Turnkey Solutions

Producto de Aldea offers the most profitable Turnkey Solutions for its customers, responding to the demands of your business and putting at your disposal our team of professional experts, who will help you find the style of wine you want, with success guaranteed.
Producto de aldea


Producto de Aldea offers, in short, a responsive and economical process characterized by quality at every step. We are more than winemakers, we are oenologists.
Producto de aldea


The firm boasts an important and diversified portfolio of customers from around the world, providing service distinguished by its constant communication and every assurance of the utmost confidentiality.
Producto de aldea

Tradition and competitiveness

Our 0.0 wines have already begun to make inroads on the main international markets, for their quality, for having respected the traditional winemaking process (much appreciated), and for their very competitive prices.




As a company specialized in the production of non-alcoholic wines, we organize everything from the selection of grapes to the dealcoholization and logistics for the production of non-alcoholic wines in bulk. We also carry out, on demand, the packaging of non-alcoholic products for various companies.

Markets in which we sell our products.

Germany, Belgium, Italy, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Singapore, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, USA.

At Producto de Aldea our international customer orientation and extensive knowledge of Spain’s diversity, the result of years of experience in the sector, allow us to work as a team to create the right wine for each market.

Our technical knowledge allows us to ensure the process right from the roots. The customer only has to define his taste and we control the flow, guaranteeing the product’s volume, certifications, production and bottling.

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We are specialists in quality, non-alcoholic and low grade wines. Our aim is to offer wines that stand out and satisfy the tastes of new consumers more attuned to healthier lifestyles.